Acts and Regulations

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Chapter Title Department
F-2.2 Family Services Act Social Development
81-132 General Administration  
81-134 Forms  
83-77 Community Placement Residential Facilities  
97-71 Enforcement  
F-11.1 Financial Corporation Capital Tax Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
87-141 General  
F-12.5 Firefighters’ Compensation Act Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
2009-72 General  
F-13 Fire Prevention Act Justice and Public Safety
81-159 Assessment on Insurance Companies  
82-20 Fire Prevention and Inspection  
82-62 Fire Extinguisher Salesman Licence  
82-239 Fire Extinguisher Servicing  
2009-25 Plan Review Fees  
F-14.1 Fish and Wildlife Act Natural Resources and Energy Development
81-58 Hunter Orange  
82-103 General Angling  
84-124 Fur Harvesting  
84-125 Pheasant Preserves  
84-133 Hunting  
89-106 Posting of Signs on Land  
92-74 Exotic Wildlife  
94-43 Wildlife Refuges and Wildlife Management Areas  
94-47 Moose Hunting  
97-141 Nuisance Wildlife Control  
2002-6 Wildlife Trust Fund and Wildlife Council  
2005-138 Forensic Analysis  
2007-75 Game Bird Farm Licence  
2011-70 Hunting and Fishing Guides Licence  
2015-4 Registration Procedure  
2021-30 Wild Turkey Hunting  
F-15.001 Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Act Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
84-166 General  
F-15.01 Fisheries Bargaining Act Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
82-190 Species of Fish  
82-199 Rules of Procedure of the Labour and Employment Board  
83-183 General  
84-2 The Court of King’s Bench of New Brunswick Forms  
F-18.1 Flood and Storm Damage Act, 1976