Acts and Regulations

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Chapter Title Department
N-1.2 Natural Products Act Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
84-88 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable  
2001-46 Cattle Plan and Levies  
2001-47 Cattle Plan Administration  
2002-60 Apple Plan and Levies  
2002-61 Apple Plan Administration  
2002-85 Milk Plan and Levies  
2002-86 Milk Plan Administration  
2003-54 Egg Plan and Levies  
2003-55 Chicken Plan and Levies  
2003-56 Turkey Plan and Levies  
2003-71 Egg Plan Administration  
2003-72 Chicken Plan Administration  
2003-73 Turkey Plan Administration  
2003-83 Hog Plan and Levies  
2003-84 Hog Plan Administration  
2005-104 Forest Products Marketing Boards Levies  
2005-106 South East New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Board  
2005-140 Carleton-Victoria Forest Products Marketing Board  
2005-142 North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board  
2005-144 Northumberland County Forest Products Marketing Board  
2005-146 Southern New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Board  
2005-148 York-Sunbury-Charlotte Forest Products Marketing Board  
2006-9 Potato Plan and Levies  
2006-10 Potato Plan Administration  
2006-61 Blueberry Plan and Levies  
2006-62 Blueberry Plan Administration  
2006-87 Madawaska Forest Products Marketing Board  
2010-19 Milk Quality  
2010-107 Cranberry Plan and Levies  
2010-108 Cranberry Plan Administration  
2013-81 North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board, 2013 to 2017  
2014-1 New Brunswick Forest Products Marketing Plan  
2014-50 Organic Grade  
2015-18 York-Sunbury-Charlotte Forest Products Marketing Board, 2015 to 2018  
2020-49 Forest Products Marketing Boards  
N-4.05 New Brunswick Community Colleges Act Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
2010-78 Debts and Other Liabilities Exemption  
N-5.11 New Brunswick Highway Corporation Act Transportation and Infrastructure
98-94 General  
2009-156 Highway Usage  
N-6 New Brunswick Housing Act Social Development
N-6.001 New Brunswick Income Tax Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
2001-11 Registered Labour-sponsored Venture Capital Corporations  
2001-12 New Brunswick Film Tax Credit  
2011-73 Home Energy Benefits  
2022-69 Tax Withholding and Deductions  
N-6.2 New Brunswick Municipal Finance Corporation Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
N-12 Nursing Homes Pension Plans Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
2010-109 General