Acts and Regulations

84-65 - Crown Agencies Designation

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Current to 1 January 2024
under the
Provincial Loans Act
(O.C. 84-262)
Filed April 10, 1984
Under section 26 of the Provincial Loans Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:
1This Regulation may be cited as the Crown Agencies Designation Regulation - Provincial Loans Act.
2In this Regulation
“Act” means the Provincial Loans Act.(Loi)
3The Minister may borrow money in accordance with the Act for the following Crown agencies:
(a) Repealed: 2003, c.E-4.6, s.170
(a.1) Repealed: 2013, c.7, s.162
(a.2) Repealed: 2013, c.7, s.162
(a.3) the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC);
(a.4) the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB);
(a.5) the New Brunswick Power Corporation;
(b) the New Brunswick Municipal Finance Corporation; and
(c) the New Brunswick Highway Corporation.
95-50; 2003, c.E-4.6, s.170; 2010-85; 2013, c.7, s.162
N.B. This Regulation is consolidated to May 15, 2018.