Acts and Regulations

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Chapter Title Department
E-0.5 Early Childhood Services Act Education and Early Childhood Development
2018-11 Licensing  
2018-12 Childcare Grants and Subsidies  
2018-13 Programs for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder  
2021-42 On-line Registry  
E-1.105 Economic and Social Inclusion Act Service New Brunswick
2010-137 General  
E-1.12 Education Act Education and Early Childhood Development
97-150 School Administration  
2001-24 School Districts and Subdistricts  
2001-48 Governance Structure  
2001-51 Pupil Transportation  
2004-8 Teacher Certification  
E-3 Elections Act Legislative Assembly
2006-50 Procedure to Set Aside Election  
2022-42 Tariff of Fees  
E-6 Elevators and Lifts Act Justice and Public Safety
2014-147 Safety Code for Elevating Devices and Amusement Devices  
E-7.2 Employment Standards Act Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
85-179 General  
2007-34 Minimum Wage for Categories of Employees in Crown Construction Work  
2018-81 Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence or Sexual Violence Leave  
2019-3 Minimum Wage for Counsellor and Program Staff at Residential Summer Camps  
2020-29 COVID-19 Emergency Leave  
2022-15 Minimum Wage  
E-9.18 Energy and Utilities Board Act Natural Resources and Energy Development
2007-4 General  
E-10.5 Essential Services in Nursing Homes Act Social Development
E-11 Evidence Act Justice and Public Safety
E-13 Executors and Trustees Act Justice and Public Safety
E-13.1 Expenditure Management Act, 1991
91-113 Exemption  
92-25 Lump Sum Exemption  
E-13.2 Expenditure Management Act, 1992
E-14 Expropriation Act Justice and Public Safety
84-11 General  
84-16 Form of Statement