Acts and Regulations

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Chapter Title Department
M-6.1 Medical Consent of Minors Act Health
M-7 Medical Services Payment Act Health
84-20 General  
93-143 Full Time Equivalent  
2002-53 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution  
M-7.01 Members’ Conflict of Interest Act Legislative Assembly
M-7.1 Members’ Pension Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
98-6 Division of Benefits on the Breakdown of a Marriage or Common-law Partnership  
M-8 Members Superannuation Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
98-7 Division of Benefits on Marriage Breakdown  
M-10 Mental Health Act Health
94-33 General  
M-11.01 Metallic Minerals Tax Act Finance and Treasury Board Finance
82-211 Interest Rate  
83-70 Remittance  
84-127 Excluded Minerals  
88-97 General  
M-11.1 Metric Conversion Act Environment and Local Government
M-11.5 Midwifery Act Health
2010-113 General  
M-14.1 Mining Act Natural Resources and Energy Development
86-98 General  
86-99 Forms  
M-16 Motor Carrier Act Transportation and Infrastructure
84-301 General  
86-53 Public Motor Trucks Licensing Policy  
M-17 Motor Vehicle Act Justice and Public Safety
83-42 General  
83-68 Notice of Default Form  
83-163 Seat Belt  
83-185 Vehicle Inspections  
83-199 Commercial Vehicle Massing  
84-98 Slow Moving Vehicle Sign  
84-145 Inspection  
84-225 Motorcades Exemption  
88-6 Notice of Possible Penalties Form  
89-65 Special Permit Fees  
89-101 School Crossing Guards and Flagpersons  
94-77 Trip Inspection Report and Records  
95-76 Commercial Vehicle Bill of Lading and Cargo Insurance  
95-164 Driver Training Course  
98-95 Suspensions in Relation to Tolls  
2001-67 Vehicle Dimensions and Mass  
2004-6 Carrier Profile and Compliance  
2005-103 Cargo Securement  
2007-39 Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service  
2008-109 Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Program  
M-20 Municipal Capital Borrowing Act Environment and Local Government
84-21 Deemed Borrowing for Capital Expenses  
84-113 Municipal Capital Borrowing Board  
M-21 Municipal Debentures Act Environment and Local Government
82-241 Forms  
M-21.01 Municipal Elections Act Legislative Assembly
2008-26 General